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Our services are based on the use of the best equipment, which is handled by a fully trained group of professionals with a very rich experience in the field of isolation and insulation of buildings, roofs and walls.
We provide works for both public and private sector. We are open to cooperation with anyone who would like to apply the state of the art isolation and insulationsolutions for their residential and commercial buildings.

Isolation and insulation products of the highest quality

On the isolation and insulation market you can find many different companies that guarantee the quality and effectiveness of their work. However, only us - the Salus Expo company gives a lifetime guarantee both for isolation and insulation, which puts us among the most reliable companies on the isolation and insulation market. Obviously our products are parametrically definitely more effective and much better quality than any other that can be found among spray or foam insulation.

Experience in effective insulation confirmed by certificates

Polyurethanes and polyureas are the two main components of the most effective isolation and thermal insulation structure. However, to effectively process both materials, not only the right qualifications are required, but also a knowledge - certified knowledge that Salus Expo possesses.
We are the only possessors in this part of Poland of documents confirming our skills in the processing of polyurethanes and polyureas. The authorized contractor's document was issued on behalf of the Demilec USA itself. These qualifications and experience gained over the years allow us to state that we are one of the leaders on the market for creating and applying effective and convenient isolations and insulations.


The scope of the Salus Expo work within isolation and insulation

Our services are closely related to all issues connected with isolation and insulation. Currently, we're dealing with:

  • wall insulation - we have the most effective insulation and spray solutions. We will effectively and conveniently insulate any wall in your house or building,
  • foundation insulation - the foundations are insulated by spraying foam. This is not only the most forceful but absolutely favorable insulation,
  • insulation of the attic and the roof - in this matter we can absolutely expertly insulate the roofs of various shapes and dimensions. Thermal insulation or isolation of the attics implemented by us is based on the most modern solutions providing energy and heat saving,
  • acoustic insulation - here we isolate the walls of rooms making them sound-proof. Our acoustic insulation is one of the most efficient and advantageous on the market.

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